Finding your knitting mojo

So I had the yarn.  I found the pattern – the Malana beach top – and I cast on, all excited and ready to go. But by row 211 I was itching to cast on something new, because it seemed like this project would never end – please tell me I’m not the only one!  (As an aside, I often fool myself into thinking that projects on heavier yarn will take less time to knit, and that’s never really the case – goodness knows what I’ll be like when I eventually tackle socks!)

I realised I’d just gotten bored with it and couldn’t be bothered any more.  But then that little part of my brain was telling me how amazing it would be when it was finished!  Still, I just couldn’t get myself there, and I’d lost all enthusiasm to finish it – my mojo had gone completely.

Cringing at the thought of adding yet another WIP (work in progress) to my already-huge pile, there were a few things I tried to get me back on track – and they worked!

Finding your knitting mojo - tips to turn your WIP into an FO!

Keep in mind, while these are knitting/craft project related, they may translate to other situations where you need to get that mojo back.

  • Go back to the joy

So there was a reason I chose to knit this particular pattern for myself – there had to be, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it!  For me it was the textures, the combination of squishy garter stitch and the drop stitch technique I’d never tried before.  I found that going back and having a look through all the FOs (finished objects) on Ravelry was inspiration to keep going to get to that end point.  Also, focusing on the completed picture in the pattern to see how it looked on the model (and assuming that maybe I would look that good once mine was finished – if only I had that hair!).  Go back to the beginning and fall in love with it all over again.

  • Change the situation

Finding your knitting mojo - tips to turn your WIP into an FO! Finding your knitting mojo - tips to turn your WIP into an FO! Finding your knitting mojo - tips to turn your WIP into an FO!

Get up, go for a walk around the back yard, get some fresh air, get a drink of water. These little micro-breaks loosen up your muscles and re-focuses your brain.  I also moved around the house and knit in different places.  Usually I sit at my desk, then I moved to the couch, then sat out in the sun, then in my little dining room area which I find really calming.  Maybe the reason you’re losing motivation is because its all the same all the time.  You can’t change the pattern (well ok, sometimes you can…) but you can change other things.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people

Take it to knit night!  You can talk about what part you’re up to, what modifications you’re making, anything about the project.  Unless you’re lucky and have a husband/partner that’s just dying to hear all about the progress you’re making, you’ll want to show it off to someone who will understand what you’re talking about and will be able to reignite your excitement!  If you’re like me and don’t have a knit night, try watching a knitting podcast.  I’ve recently become obsessed with The Grocery Girls, and I found that just watching them get excited about their yarn and showing off their WIPs was encouragement to get on with what I was making – and it was a bit of a distraction from rounds and rounds of garter stitch.

  • Try it on

Finding your knitting mojo - tips to turn your WIP into an FO! Finding your knitting mojo - tips to turn your WIP into an FO! Finding your knitting mojo - tips to turn your WIP into an FO!

Oh my word, I think this is what helped the most!  While I knit the body I’d hold it up to see how many more repeats I needed.  Then when I’d finished the front and back, I sewed the shoulders so I could actually try it on (and now I’m thinking I actually have to make that short sleeve version because it looks awesome)!  And then the sleeves!  It was so exciting to see it actually get closer and closer to being wearable.  It also meant that I got a good look at how the colour was looking on me, and I could figure out how it would fit in my wardrobe and what else I could wear it with.

  • Bonus tip – finishing touches as you go.

Might be common sense, but I was so glad I weaved in the ends at the end of each section so I didn’t have that dreaded task to do once the whole thing was finished!  That’s another thing that usually leads me to leaving it in the WIP pile, and its such a small thing.

I hope these tips help you out of your knitting rut!  If you have any other tips you want to add, or things you’d try differently for other situations, please share!


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