Rainbow Mile Cowl | free pattern

Rainbow mile cowl

Pattern: Royal Mile Cowl – free download on Ravelry
Yarn: King Cole Riot Chunky

Its just getting to the time of year in Wellington where you need to start thinking about layering up, and this cowl is just perfect for that.  I find myself wearing more neutral colours through the cooler months of the year (ok, who am I kidding? I wear neutral tones all months of the year!) and this adds a nice pop to a basic outfit. Cowls are a really easy accessory to wear, because there’s no ends to tuck away, and no worries about it coming undone!

Rainbow Mile Cowl

Check out the gorgeous colours!  Its chunky, its squishy, and its suuuuper soft.

I bought the yarn from a little store I found on a trip away after my wedding, and rediscovered it when I was tidying up my stash – so of course I had to cast it on straight away.  I used the pattern just as a base, casting on 116 stitches for an in-between size, and just kept knitting until my yarn ran out!  I got through 7 pattern repeats and only 3 rows of ribbing at the end, but I’m really happy with the finished size.

Rainbow cowl collage

According to Ravelry I got through it in 4 days, but I’m sure the next one would go faster.  A great one skein project for whatever chunky stash you have.  I’m thinking stripes for the next one…

What are your favourite cowl patterns?  Or are you a scarf person instead?

Happy knitting!


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