This is primarily a knitting blog – with a bit of everything else I love thrown in!

Living in New Zealand and reading blogs mainly based in America, I’m often inspired to make adjustments to get what I see to work with what we have available here.  Be that recipes, outfits, or supplies for crafty projects and patterns.


Its about taking inspiration from what’s around you, and making it work for you – that’s my philosophy for this blog.

Feel free to share what inspires you, and spread the creativity.

About me…

Trina and Andrew ❤

My name is Trina, I’m early thirties, married to chef-in-training Andrew, and currently unemployed.  While I’ve been taking a break from work I’ve rediscovered my passion for crafts, knitting in particular.  I haven’t counted my yarn stash, but it’s pretty decent – and I have a problem with wanting to start new projects before my old ones are finished!

I’m also really into music, attempting to getting fit, watching cooking shows and pretending to be a judge, and organising my cluttered life. I’m most drawn to stripes, simple lines and natural colours. My soul sister is Audrey Hepburn.  I had two New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 – stop having sugar in my tea, and perfect the art of poached eggs.  I cry A LOT – whether its a soppy song on the radio, a puppy dog ad on TV, or a round of applause at the end of a stage show.

Want to know more?  Here are 21 questions to get to know me

My head shot on the main page was taken by the amazing Billlie Brook Photography – highly recommended if you’re in the Wellington area!